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WordswithMeaning! HQ is the news, announcement and Information central for direct from the WordswithMeaning! Headquarters (the offices where it all happens) in Sydney, Australia

This site is used for server status updates, bug reports and maintenance notifications.
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We have now implemented a secure method of contact by using PGP keys

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Android & iPhone/iPod/iPad/iSuck app is now available once more!

We overhauled it and and here we are!

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Ladies and Gentleman…and Aliens
We present to you the BETA edition of “WordswithMeaning! Reader” - the Facebook app that keeps you in the wordmean loop. Over 100 hours of pain went into making it happen and it wont steal your details or even ask you to login or reveal anything personal to comment!
Check it out, read, comment, enjoy :)

WordswithMeaning’s Infographic series’ and some random promotionals are now on our Deviantart account

Ladies and Gentlemen

Introducing the new WordswithMeaning! site

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Security for WordswithMeaning.
We are happy to confirm that WordMean has been granted an SSL certificate and information can now be processed through https as well as http

These changes will happen within the next 24 hours and although nothing dramatic will happen, the site will be more secure and heavily optimized for all contributors and commenters.

UPDATE Scratch that, Scribd wouldn’t allow us to host some of our content due to graphic images of war and wrote back to inform us that they had changed their minds on the content we asked to upload.

The Research Database has been moved to SCRIBD We were unsure if we could gain the rights to publish the controversial data that we sometimes have, but we have been given the go ahead and we have transferred the database to Scribd

We’ve made it as easy as ever to become a WordMean Contributor!!

All you have to do is head to and we’ve even included quick start guides and FAQ’s to get you going!

Think you can be a writer for the site? Why not make an attempt today!!

When we released the Android app we certainly wanted the Apple iOS application to be next but there are many reasons we will not be offering the application - and none of these have anything to do with any legal issues or moral issues against Apple.

1 - The iOS Developer Program annual fee is $99 and for a free app that we wont profit from, then this is out of the question and unfair for WordMean to attempt to pay yearly.

2 - In order to develop or port the Android app to the iOS we would require a Mac. Virtual Machines would get us banned and we would require the programming, updating and porting to be performed on an Operating System we are not familiar with. Once again - this would cost us big time for Developer Hardware such as a Dev iPhone and furthermore the Intel Based Mac

3 - Apple iTunes Store doesn’t allow you to update without reviewing the changelog - This means that if the application was buggy, it wouldn’t be fixed immediately like it is with the Android market (Play Store)

"This doesn’t only affect Americans – this affects EVERYONE ON THE NET.

SOPA 2.0, PIPA and CISPA are just three of the papers encouraging the rise of totalitarian governments.

Now seems as good as ever to release the documents we were handed on the eve of the WordswithMeaning! seizure. are currently drafting an explanation, they have the complete reports and warrants that forced our former hosting company to pass over all of our private details – that will all be published as soon as the analysis has been completed.

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The letter that was sent to our offices by the U.S. Department of Justice detailing our “offences” and the action that would be made if WordMean didn’t move servers from America will be published within the first week of April

Hello all
I received a couple of emails regarding the WordswithMeaning app for Android and as you have probably read - we were taken down from U.S. servers last week and as a result, we were also suspended from the Google Developers programme after the allegations from the U.S. government were forwarded to Google.

We are currently attempting to appeal this decision, but we don’t know how long it will take.


Everything has been stable in Sweden
if you ever suspect a downtime or outage then you can check out

apologies was brought down pretty harshly last week, and now things are slowly being configured so please bare with us.

The site will be fully responsive and contain new articles within the next 6 hours. Thanks to everyone who has helped out.